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On the other side of town, the leader of the Iron Claw, Yoshida Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa , kills the owner of a popular downtown nightclub called the Bonsai Club by crushing the owner, Tanaka Philip Tan , in a car compactor.

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To celebrate "gaining" ownership of the Bonsai Club, Yoshida throws a party at his house with all of the club staff. One of the girls at the party, named Angel Renee Griffin , is revealed to have warned Tanaka about Yoshida behind his back, and this infuriates Yoshida. Yoshida questions Angel about her loyalty, and she attempts to appease Yoshida by offering her body to him.

Yoshida then drugs Angel and strips off her clothes, and then fondles her from behind before beheading her. When the coroner runs an analysis on Angel's body, it is revealed that she was forced into ingesting a large amount of methamphetamines in her system which would have led to her death anyway. This discovery of drugs, together with the suspect having Yakuza tattoos, cause Kenner and Johnny to go to the Bonsai Club in search of information.

Before they can get any useful information out of her, they are ambushed and taken to see the nightclub's owner and Kenner recognizes Yoshida as the man who killed his parents. Yoshida is now a drug manufacturer using a local brewery as his distribution center. Kenner and Johnny escape from the nightclub.

Later that night, Yoshida rapes and kidnaps Minako and vows to kill Kenner. Kenner and Johnny set out for Yoshida's heavily guarded home, where they rescue Minako. His pride wounded, Yoshida sends his men out to get Minako back. He has Kenner and Johnny stripped, captured and tortured, but Kenner and Johnny manage to escape, leading to a protracted battle in which Kenner and Johnny emerge victorious. An earlier draft of the script pages by Steve Sharon had a more serious tone to it, less tongue in cheek , and a slightly different outline.

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The shooting script was 95 pages and included a longer opening scene that was filmed, featuring Kenner's former Japanese partner Eddie Yosuto. There was also an omitted chase scene that was not shot, after the Japanese bath scene where Dolph and Brandon go after the fleeing yakuza, it ended up in an action scene set in a shopping mall. In the US, around 13 seconds were cut in order to avoid an NC Editor Michael Eliot was brought in by Warner Bros. He had performed the same job on Warner's other action film, Out for Justice.

Scenes cut included a different introduction to Kenner, and his former partner Yosuto, more of the Nelson character, played by Ernie Lively, more dramatic scenes between Lundgren and Lee and a scene after the opening gunfight at the underground boxing match where Kenner is chewed out by his superiors for all the mayhem he has caused.

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Kenner's training scene before final showdown was originally in the deleted, possibly 10 minutes longer opening. Theatrical trailer shows some extra shots from this scene. Stuart Baird , another editor who would often re-edit original cuts of Warner Bros. Director Mark L. Lester's final cut came in at 90 minutes, but Warners didn't like the film, and cut it down to 79 minutes. David Michael Frank [3]. Warner Bros. Except for these markets, the film was released direct-to-video in The movie faced largely negative reviews from critics.

He found fast paced, action packed, and funny.

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