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It must have died only a short time before, when the winter began, and was now buried just where the mole had made his passage. The mole took a piece of decayed touchwood in his mouth, for that glimmers like fire in the dark, and then he went first and lighted them through the long dark passage. When they came where the dead bird lay the mole thrust up his broad nose against the ceiling and pushed the earth up, so that a great hole was made, through which the daylight could shine down.

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In the middle of the floor lay a dead swallow, his beautiful wings pressed close against his sides, and his head and feet drawn back under his feathers; the poor bird had certainly died of cold. It must be miserable to be born a little bird!

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He must starve and freeze. Thumbelina said nothing; but when the two others had their backs turned she bent down, put the feathers aside which covered his head, and kissed him upon his closed eyes. The mole now stopped up the hole through which the daylight shone, and showed the ladies home. And thanks for your beautiful song in the summer, when all the trees were green, and the sun shone warmly upon us. The bird was not dead; he was only lying there torpid, and now he had been warmed, and came to life again. Thumbelina Edna F. In autumn all the swallows fly away to warm countries, but if one happens to be left behind it becomes so cold that it falls down as if dead, and lies where it fell, and then the cold snow covers it over.

Thumbelina trembled all over, she was so startled; for the bird was big, big compared with her, who was only an inch in height. The next night she stole out to him again, and now he was alive, but so weak that he could only open his eyes for a moment and look at Thumbelina, who stood before him with a bit of decayed wood in her hand, for she had no other light. Soon I shall get my strength back again, and I shall be able to fly again, out in the warm sunshine. It snows and freezes. Stay in your warm bed, and I will nurse you. Then she brought the swallow water in the petal of a flower, and he drank it, and told her how he had torn one of his wings in a thorn bush, and so had not been able to fly as fast as the other swallows, which had sped far, far away to warm countries.

So at last he had fallen to the ground, but he could remember nothing more, and did not know at all how he had come where she had found him. Thumbelina by Arthur Rackham. The whole winter he remained there, and Thumbelina took care of him and grew very fond of him. Neither the field-mouse nor the mole heard anything about it, for they did not like the poor swallow.

As soon as the spring came and the sun warmed the earth the swallow bade Thumbelina farewell, and she opened the hole which the mole had made in the ground above. The sun shone in upon them brightly, and the swallow asked if Thumbelina would go away with him; she could sit upon his back, and they would fly away far into the green forest.

But Thumbelina knew that the old field-mouse would be grieved if she left her like this. Thumbelina looked after him, and the tears came into her eyes, for she had become so fond of the poor swallow. Thumbelina felt very sad. She was not allowed to go out into the warm sunshine. The corn which was sown in the field over the house of the field-mouse had grown high into the air; it was quite a thick wood for the poor little girl, who was only an inch in height.

Thumbelina by Maxwell Armfield. Thumbelina had to spin, and the mole hired four spiders to weave for her day and night. Every evening the mole paid her a visit; and he was always saying that when the summer should end the sun would not shine nearly so hot, for that now it burned the earth almost as hard as stone.

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Yes, when the summer was over then he would keep his wedding day with Thumbelina. But she was not glad at all, for she did not like the tiresome mole. Every morning when the sun rose, and every evening when it went down, she stole out of the door, and when the wind blew the corn aside, so that she could see the blue sky, she thought how bright and beautiful it was out here, and wished heartily to see her dear swallow again.

But he did not come back any more; he must have flown far away into the beautiful green forest. He is a very fine man to marry. The Queen herself has not such a black velvet fur, and his kitchen and cellar are full. Be thankful to get him! So the wedding was to take place.

The mole had already come to fetch Thumbelina; she was to live with him deep under the ground, and never to come out into the warm sunshine, for he did not like it. The poor little child was very sorrowful; she had now to say farewell to the beautiful sun, which at least she had been allowed by the field-mouse to see from the threshold of the door. She looked up; it was the swallow, who was just flying by. As soon as he saw Thumbelina he was very glad; and she told him how unwilling she was to have the ugly mole for her husband, and that she would have to live deep under the earth, where the sun never shone.

She could not help crying about it. Will you come with me? You can sit upon my back. Tie yourself on with your sash, and we will fly away from the ugly mole and his dark room, far away over the mountains to warm countries where the sun shines brighter than here, where it is always summer, and there are lovely flowers. Only fly with me, you dear little Thumbelina, you who saved my life when I lay frozen in the dark, earthy passage.

Les Gledhill became the exact reversal of the Saviour that Cushing felt had abandoned him. The themes all came together, largely by thinking about the place. Q: Official publication date is 26th May, but I believe the hardcover edition has already sold out. What kind of response has Whitstable received? To be honest it has been beyond my wildest dreams. It got 5 out of 5 stars in SFX magazine and an amazing review in Starburst. Director Mick Garris and critic Kim Newman have also said they love it. I feel a bit humbled by the positive response, to be absolutely truthful.

Growing up with Hammer, with comics, with Famous Monsters of Filmland. Gravitating to Pan and Poe and Stephen King. I picked up a paperback of the screenplay of Westworld just after it came out, and that was my Bible. I actually loved the screenplay form. I loved seeing films in my head. The only way to do it. What makes an idea a book or short story, rather than a TV or film proposal and script? A short story is a succinct idea with a definite voice that you can bite off as whole, I find.

You know how to do it. A film is simply a drama of definite length with dramatisable action and good roles. A TV show is a proposition — a set-up with open-ended possibilities: an engine that can run and run.

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The format, the way it works as a drama, is everything — and that can take months or years to work out. It takes bloody forever!

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I can tell a story exactly as I want it, and it gets in a book. That is a very welcome contrast to films, which take five, ten years to get into production — if they get produced at all. And not planning! Thinking, not typing. So I bring a sense of structure to story writing, I think, and a sense of dialogue and subtext, which you would expect. Q: What are the highlights of your writing career to date?

Tough one. Most enjoyable moments? Felt I was walking on air that night. That was very special. I stood on stage between Sean Connery and Sigourney Weaver.

That was pretty nuts! Early days yet. Which is very exciting. Must I? They come together when they need to. Though doing 10 pages a day on a script is different kind of work than working on a treatment or outline, which is different from rewriting, which is different from writing memos or notes or having meetings, or pitching.

There is no typical day! The best of my drama is probably Afterlife. But others might tell me differently.

Is Network TV listening? Mrs Kookaburra is great friends with Mr Lizard, and together often helps the Nuts escape from nefarious doings at the hands of the Bad Banksia Men. Check out this adorable pinecone version of Mrs Kookaburra you can make for your very own! Mr and Mrs Bear are not actually bears, but instead are koalas who live in Gumnut Town.

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They appear in three separate stories and act as foster parents to bush babies Bib and Bob.