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Our Services. We Cover Many Sectors Manufacturing. Medical Devices. Energy Infrastructure. The U. Seraph continued to guard the Oracle and Sati. While they were leaving the Oracle's apartment, the apartment hallway lights started to turn off. Agent Smith , who is now a virus in the Matrix, revealed himself to be the cause of this event and Seraph grabbed Sati and tried to escape from Smith.

They entered an apartment room and hid there hoping Smith would not find them. Smith eventually enters into the room and after a brief talk with Seraph, he assimilated both Seraph and Sati.

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Seraph and Sati approaching The Oracle as a new dawn awaits. When Neo's Machine City quest to bring peace between the people of Zion and the Machines is successful and the Matrix is reloaded. All programs that were possessed by Smith were then free. Seraph found Sati and both of them approached the Oracle, who was sitting on a park bench.

After Sati asked if Neo will return, Seraph asked if the Oracle knew that this new day of peace would come. The Oracle told Seraph that she did not know but believed it would and the three of them stare into the sun shining down within the Matrix.

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Very little is known about Seraph's personal life. What is known is that he believes that the best way to get to know a person is engaging in a fight with them, to test their power, skill and determination. When not fighting, guarding or escorting people during important missions, Seraph likes to spend his free time drinking Tea and meditating. It's also implied that Seraph likes cookies as, when Neo arrives Oracle, in an effort to talk to Neo alone; excuses Sati with the bowl of cookie dough telling her to let Seraph taste test them.

Seraph returns in The Matrix Online , originally continuing to protect the Oracle. In The Matrix Online , Seraph was speculated to have been originally a Seraph , exiles that were former Agents of one of the previous Matrixes. He became employed by the Merovingian when he was exiled into the Matrix, and had his wings torn out due to betrayal.

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The Merovingian, upon seeing Seraph in club Hel, remarks: "L'ange sans ses ailes", which translates from french as "The angel without his wings". An existing theory on the origins of Seraph is that he was, at one time, one of the 5 original 'Ones', this based on the observation that he appears to be nearly equal in combat ability to Neo. Seraph's name has its origins in the Judeo-Christian Seraphim.

These are angels that, in the Christian angelarchy, are of the highest rank. An observation made by some fans is that, through the eyes of Deus Ex Machina , Neo appears angelic and fiery.

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This ties back into the religious angelarchy as the Seraphim, being angels, are synonymous with fire, their title literally translated as "burning ones". Seraph was of the same fiery golden color, this color being symbolic of spirit in the Matrix, which is a further indicator that he may have once been a human or 'One'.

Also, as God's guardians, the Seraphim were said to have 6 wings upon them, 2 guarding their feet, 2 their face and 2 they used to fly. This is important to note, in that there were 6 'Ones' in total, Neo being the sixth and final.

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However, the Demon Army has since learned how to control these angels for themselves. This experiment caused the virus that killed off most of the adult population. The five revived individuals appear to have no knowledge of dying and have continued to age and grow since then. At first it was uncertain whether Ferid was telling the truth or not, until he confirms Guren's act. So far, three full Seraphs have made an appearance in the story.

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According to the manga, the abilities of each Seraph is different as they are based on the number of their Trumpet. Yu is shown to have heightened physical abilities and the power to turn his enemies into salt, while the unnamed 6th Trumpet is able to summon Horsemen in the anime, Mirai is shown to summon the Horsemen as well.

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Seraphs are shown to be able to heal their hosts and keep them alive despite fatal wounds, such as Mirai being cured of the Apocalypse Virus, and Yu being kept alive after he took three pills, despite all of his internal organs being ruptured already. The appearances of the seraphs in their transformed states vary tremendously, but they all appear to have a wing or wings so far.

It is unclear if this is related to their suitability to the experimentation, what proportion of their body is considered seraph, or which type of experimentation has been performed on them.

Mirai, the 5th trumpet, has two giant pairs of feathered wings from her back with a giant trumpet floating beneath her. The curse marks on her skin from the Apocalypse Virus disappear as well. In the anime, the opposite happens and the number of markings increase despite the fact the virus has no reason to effect an angel.

When Abaddon possess her, the demon manifests in a giant dark figure with many wings behind her and is partially formless. Yu, the 2nd trumpet, has dark sclera and a single pair of irregular black wings once he completely transforms. Although Mirai's wings are bird-like and have feathers, Yu's wings are not bird-like and do not have feathers, as his demon is apparently wrestling control with the angel.

In a flashback, Mika recalls an undernourished seraph child held in a fluid-filled tank with a mask on the face to supply air.

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The child had feathered wings for arms. The actual number of trumpets in Seraph of the End has yet to be revealed. When the drug takes affect, Yu screams and loses his mind as he undergoes a painful transformation. His left eye turns dark and bleeds while a massive black wing-like structure sprouts from his upper right shoulder.

Although extremely powerful, he goes berserk and attempts to kill any human nearby. He displays no interest in vampires and recognizes no one. After ingesting three of the standard Japanese Imperial Demon Army supplements , [4] Yu's internal organs rupture, including his heart.