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A devastating heat wave swept across Europe in , killing tens of thousands of people, scientists estimate.

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Many were elderly, with limited mobility, and some already suffered from chronic diseases. But climate change is making such extreme weather more common—and the effects will not be limited to the old and sick. Warming temperatures do not only threaten lives directly.

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They also cause billions of hours of lost labor, enhance conditions for the spread of infectious diseases and reduce crop yields, according to a recent report. The report, published last December in the Lancet , represents the latest findings of the Lancet Countdown—a coalition of international research organizations collaborating with the World Health Organization and the World Meteorological Organization. The group tracks the health impacts of—and government responses to—climate change. The report found that millions of people worldwide are vulnerable to heat-related disease and death and that populations in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean are especially susceptible—most likely because they have more elderly people living in urban areas.

Adults older than 65 are particularly at risk, as are those with chronic illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.


Places where humans tend to live are exposed to an average temperature change that is more than twice the global average—0. Compared with to , each person was exposed to, on average, 1.

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Sweltering temperatures also affect productivity. A staggering billion hours of labor—80 percent of them in agriculture—were lost to excessive heat in , the new report found, with the most vulnerable areas being in India, Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

What does it do? What is the connection between alcohol and mental health? It can alter: mood energy levels sleeping patterns concentration memory and many other things.

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It is also linked with: increases in risky behaviour increases in aggression self harm and suicide in people who may already be going through a tough time. Alcohol and your physical health Alcohol can impact on your physical health in a number of ways. Short term effects include: difficulty sleeping lower immunity trouble concentrating difficulty getting motivated.

Long term alcohol use can cause additional problems like: high blood pressure heart disease brain damage liver disease as well as different kinds of cancers. What happens if I stop drinking? These may include: more energy better sleep saving money better physical health improved mood.

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Last reviewed 9 August Tobacco is one of the oldest known drugs. Find out more about its effects on you and your mental health. Due to mutations or modifications in the genome, inheritable traits can change. Mutations occur naturally and are responsible for evolution but can also be induced by men.

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The use of radiation induces many mutations, randomly spread across the genome. The plant will repair the genome and sometimes, there will be a small error in this process. This error causes a mutation in the region where the cut was made. Gheysen of Ghent University.

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