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Here is a very small selection of amazing women in music from past and present that we love, respect and hold in high esteem for sharing their voices. SpillersRecords New Release list 1. We LOVE this in the shop and played it lots already!

Tom Hardy's 1999 Rap Mixtape Has Surfaced. And It Actually Slaps.

There will be a maximum capacity at any given time but we really feel that letting you select your records will help speed up the shopping process and there will be loads more space for the stock to shine. We are always happy to interact with our customers. You can contact us via email info spillersrecords. You can also get in touch and interact with us on our social media accounts on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. Spillers Records us!

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We have continued to trade in music ever since from our premises in Cardiff. We specialise in independent music of most genres in both CD and vinyl, plus we have knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help you, either in the store or here at our website at www. We will be launching a new website where you will be able to order and pay online.

Our temporary website does not have a shopping cart facility, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. Spillers Records New Release List 8. A beautiful light soul album that despite its retro leanings, still manages to sound remarkably refresh.

  • Wer gab dir, Liebe, die Gewalt: Der große Roman um Walther von der Vogelweide (German Edition).
  • garage/surf/lo-fi/trash;
  • Luxbachers Gedanken zum Wochenende - Band II (German Edition).

And what a voice too. So rich and soothing making American Love Call the perfect summer soundtrack. The Mothers Of Invention's classic is one of those albums that is meant for vinyl.

Grandaddy - Under The Western Freeway (20th Anniversary Edition)

Reissued for its 40th anniversary this Mono mix makes it sound better than ever. One of the best Zappa related albums and one that's worthy of a place in any collection.

Whilst there is no disputing what a fantastic collection of music that is, their second full length album could well be considered their masterpiece. This is a very high quality and essential reissue of an album that desperately needed to be back out on wax. Must listen tracks -- Broke, Alleged and Squares. Julia Holter - Aviary Colored Vinyl. Julia Holter just keeps getting better and better. She started strongly with 's Tragedy and seems to be effortlessly becoming more daring and exciting as an artist each time she releases something.

After the brilliant, Have You In My Wilderness, it was surprising to see that not only did she up the quality she also made it a double! A beautiful and haunting record from one of the best artists of the decade. Grimes - Art Angels. After her breakthrough album, Visions it was hard to predict what kind of album Grimes would return with. Turns out she isn't an artist that believes in repeating herself. There are still electronic elements to Art Angels, but there's also a technicolor punk side to this record.


She's a hard one to categorize and that is a part of what makes her such a thrilling and unique artist. It's an album that deserved every single accolade it received in the end of year lists. Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land.

Samurai ☯ Japanese Lofi HipHop Mix

Every time a Brian Eno album gets reissued on vinyl, the world seems to make just a little bit more sense. To think how hard it was to find anything of his for so many years, it's such a relief to see them back in print. These ambient albums in particular need to be on some good sounding wax and these latest reissues have been done to a really high standard. The Flamin' Groovies are one of the underrated bands of the late 70s. Blending garage rock and new wave with 60s inspired pop gave them an edge of over other groups of that era.

This live show from is the sound of the band at the peak of their powers. Reissued on orange and black vinyl this limited edition is a must for fans of the band. Every year the VSQ takes on a well known artist and covers some of their well loved songs. This year they've outdone themselves with an artist that actually makes a lot of sense. Bjork is one of the most singular talents the music world has ever seen and this flawless selection of her material has been arranged and performed beautifully.

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Dolly Parton - Jolene. If you're going to get just one of Dolly Parton's albums, this is the one. It's just 25 minutes of Dolly doing what she does best with her charismatic personality and comforting voice shining on this album that's just too much fun. Discography Here you can browse a selection of Kira Kiras publications. There's More than One Way to Dance , Choreographed, costumed and performed by Alexandra Gilbert, gadgets by Ilmur Stefansdottir. Hallgrimskirkja church tower, Reykjavik, Kirkjulistahatid, Iceland. Director: Daniel Stessen.