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Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Its trick was enlisting death to strip young love of the anguish, acne and ultimate disillusion that generally envelop it, thereby gussying up one of our most cherished fantasies. Its conclusion and Celine Dion's wailing theme song suggested that youthful romance needn't even be transient: it could, apparently, sustain a whole life. The exaltation of romantic love sold many a cinema ticket before Titanic and it's sold plenty more since, so it's understandable that the reunion of the big screen's most successful celebrants of the cult should have provoked much excitement.

This time, however, the outcome seems less immediately gratifying.

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For an apposite tagline, the publicists might reasonably have nicked one of the film's more resonant lines: "Plenty of people are on to the emptiness, but it takes real guts to see the hopelessness. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is pleased.

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Revolutionary Road is "a disappointing downer" , according to the Times. Our own Anna Pickard told us that the trailer alone had sucked all joy from her soul. Apparently, lots of people plan to give the film a wide berth: they don't see why they should pay up to be made miserable.

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  • The revolutionary road to reality.

It's the cinema's job to cheer us up, they reckon, especially in hard times. Why couldn't Leo and Kate have given us a nice, jolly rom-com? The euphoria induced by the likes of Notting Hill or Pretty Woman may be rooted in delusion, but surely escapism is harmless enough. Who Fought in the Revolutionary War?

British Forces vs. Continental Forces—informational articles and student worksheet. For 18 lessons about the events leading up to the war, check out my Declaration of Independence Unit.

For this week-long simulation, students join the Continental Army and adopt a new identity as a soldier, spy, or officer. Each day, students learn about actual events in the war and make decisions which result in them gaining or losing points for the army. Each day they also analyze a primary or secondary source and complete a journal entry. Choose Your Identity —students adopt an identity in the Continental Army spies, soldiers, or officers , includes informational articles, and worksheet.

Treaty of Paris —activity where students make their own treaties and informative article. Problems Facing the Nation —informative article and multiple worksheets focusing on finding the main idea. These units are giving me LIFE. It was so much more engaging than our textbook. Everything in this packet is laid out clearly and is so easy to use. My kids are solid on their understanding of the Revolutionary War because of these activities.

They especially loved the simulations and being able to pretend that they were soldiers and spies! They are worth every penny! However, I would have easily paid double for this!

Revolutionary War Weekend

Resources A Shoemaker and the Tea Party. Colonial Challenge. Declaring Independence: Drafting the Document.

Free black Patriots. Label Me print out map - 13 colonies.

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Loyalist Institute [Black Loyalists]. Map of 13 Colonies. The Coming of Independence.

American Revolutionary War: Part I - Revolutionary Spirit, Lexington, Concord, & Bunker Hill

Women Soldiers. Amer Rev Group Creative Writing. Amer Rev Reading Comp Worksheet. Amer Rev Word Search Worksheet. American Revolution Vocabulary Quiz.