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In a few words, the mid-word vowels are changed to form the plural.

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The last category of irregular plurals is borrowed words. These words are native to other languages e. Skip to main content.

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Module 1: Grammar. Search for:. Most no-change plurals are types of animals: sheep fish deer moose Mid-Word Vowel Change In a few words, the mid-word vowels are changed to form the plural. Sixty bags of concrete premix set the back side of the wall, with the remaining sand and soil serving as backfill.

There is something to be said for celebrating imperfection, the kind that most of us bring to the table of everyday living—in our families, our churches, even the floor of Annual Conference. Recognition of imperfection results in setting aside blame and hostile critique of others in order to accomplish something beyond the individual self.

Thus, servant leadership becomes possible once again. Are we willing to be placed alongside stone not of our choosing? Will we dismiss others who are as imperfectly made as us? God calls us to greater spiritual awareness, to rise above vanity and self-importance, to look beyond to a perfection that cannot be attained by our will alone.

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Where, then, do we glimpse perfection? In unselfish words, committed relationships, grace freely offered, love readily received.


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It is in communion with others, where truth is declared though conscience is honored, where kindness is a purposeful choice, and where compassion for others is never optional. Allowing imperfection to be part of the creative process opens the door to forgiveness across the entire project.

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  • And when the task nears completion, take time to step back in order to view the larger picture and to appreciate how beautiful imperfection can be. Ken Frantz is a non-salaried ordained pastor serving Haxtun Colo.

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