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The extended technique of playing multiphonics also produces harmonics. On string instruments it is possible to produce very pure sounding notes, called harmonics or flageolets by string players, which have an eerie quality, as well as being high in pitch. Harmonics may be used to check at a unison the tuning of strings that are not tuned to the unison.

For the human voice see Overtone singing , which uses harmonics. While it is true that electronically produced periodic tones e. For example, higher "harmonics"' of piano notes are not true harmonics but are "overtones" and can be very sharp, i. The fundamental frequency is the reciprocal of the period of the periodic phenomenon. The employment of this means produces the effect called ' sul ponticello. When produced by pressing slightly on the various nodes of the open strings they are called 'Natural harmonics.

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Violinists are well aware that the longer the string in proportion to its thickness, the greater the number of upper harmonics it can be made to yield. The following table displays the stop points on a stringed instrument, such as the guitar guitar harmonics , at which gentle touching of a string will force it into a harmonic mode when vibrated. String harmonics flageolet tones are described as having a "flutelike, silvery quality" that can be highly effective as a special color or tone color timbre when used and heard in orchestration.

On an electric guitar played loudly through a guitar amplifier with distortion , harmonics are more sustained and can be used in guitar solos.

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In the heavy metal music lead guitar style known as shred guitar , harmonics, both natural and artificial, are widely used. Although harmonics are most often used on open strings natural harmonics , occasionally a score will call for an artificial harmonic , produced by playing an overtone on an already stopped string. As a performance technique, it is accomplished by using two fingers on the fingerboard, the first to shorten the string to the desired fundamental, with the second touching the node corresponding to the appropriate harmonic.

On fretted instruments, such as an electric guitar , the performer can look at the frets to determine where to stop the string and where to touch the node. On unfretted instruments, such as the violin and related instruments, playing artificial harmonics is an advanced technique, as it requires the performer to find two precise locations on the same string.

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Harmonics may be either used or considered as the basis of just intonation systems. Composer Arnold Dreyblatt is able to bring out different harmonics on the single string of his modified double bass by slightly altering his unique bowing technique halfway between hitting and bowing the strings. Composer Lawrence Ball uses harmonics to generate music electronically.

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  7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the components of periodic signals. For other uses, see Harmonic disambiguation. Violin harmonics. Violin natural harmonic stop points on the A string. Harmonics x Demonstration of 16 harmonics using electronic sine tones, starting with Hz fundamental, 0. Note that each harmonic is presented at the same signal level as the fundamental; the sample tones sound louder as they increase in frequency. Mathematics and Music , p.

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