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Poor sanitation is fueling the disease outbreak and the government is now building its first ever sewage treatment centre. Malnutrition in Haiti []. Summary One in five children in Haiti is malnourished. Taken over six weeks, the course helps children to gain 4 grammes per kilogramme of weight per day. MFK employees grow, roast and grind the peanuts locally and is hoping to grow enough peanuts in the future to be able to export them to other countries in need. Specialist maternity care in Haiti [].

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Description Video — 1 online resource 3 minutes Digital: video file. Summary Giving birth in Haiti is risky. It has the highest maternal death rate in the western hemisphere and only a quarter of births are supervised by skilled medics. A new maternity hospital built entirely out of shipping containers, by Medecins Sans Frontieres, is providing specialist care for mothers and babies at risk.

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Paris : Karthala, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations some color , charts ; 22 cm. P33 Unknown. A1 I88 F Unknown. John Adams, slavery, and race : ideas, politics, and diplomacy in an age of crisis []. Scherr, Arthur, author.

Domingo business": recent historiography, Haitian independence, and early American foreign policy President Adams's changing relationship with Haiti Ideals or self-interest? The Adams administration and U. Providing the first full investigation of second U. Ne m'appelle pas capitaine : roman [].

Trouillot, Lyonel, author. Description Book — pages ; 22 cm. T76 N4 Unknown.

Dictionnaire universel d’histoire et de géographie Bouillet Chassang/Lettre C

Lucien, Georges Eddy, author. Paris : L'Harmattan, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm. Car, se fondant sur le seul titre, on pourrait penser qu'il s'agit d'un livre sur le Nord-Est. Z9 P63 Available. Overview of U. United States. Washington : U.

La Gouvernance

Government Publishing Office, Description Book — 1 online resource iii, 21 pages. Description Book — iii, 21 pages ; 24 cm. Production of disaster and recovery in post-earthquake Haiti : disaster industrial complex []. Svistova, Juliana, author. Description Book — xviii, pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. Summary Introduction 1. Discursive Re Production of Disaster and Recovery 2.

Haiti, History, and the Social Reproduction of Vulnerability 3. Chaos and Order: Securitization, Cleansing, and Displacement 6. Production of Disaster and Recovery in Post-Earthquake Haiti demonstrates how social processes impact disasters as they unfold, through the distribution of power and resources, the use of discourses and images of disaster, and the economic and social systems and relations which underlie affected communities. The authors show how these processes played out in post-earthquake Haiti to set in motion the mechanics of the disaster industrial complex to re produce disasters and recovery rather than bring sustainable change.

The book reveals that disaster and recovery rhetoric helped create fertile conditions for neoliberal disaster governance, militarized and digital humanitarianism, non-profiteering, and disaster opportunism to flourish while further disenfranchising marginalized populations.

However, the Haiti earthquake, as is the case with all disaster sites, was ripe with mutual aid, community building, and collective action, all of which further local resilience. The authors seek to re-construct dominant discourses, policies, and practices to advance equitable, participatory partnerships with local community actors and propose a praxis for a people's recovery as an action-oriented framework for resisting the transnational disaster industrial machinery.

The authors argue for new synergies in policymaking and program development that can respond to emergencies and plan for true long-term, sustainable development after disasters that focuses as much on humans and the natural world as it does on economic progress. Production of Disaster and Recovery in Post-Earthquake Haiti will be of great interest to students and scholars of disaster studies, humanitarian studies, development studies, Haitian studies, geography and environmental studies, as well as to non-governmental organizations, humanitarians, and policymakers.

H2 S85 Unknown. Parisot, Yolaine author. Paris : Classiques Garnier, H2 P37 Unknown.

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Revolutions in the Atlantic world : a comparative history []. Klooster, Wim, author. New edition. A new look at a contentious period in the history of the Atlantic world Within just a half century, the American, French, Haitian, and Spanish American revolutions transformed the Atlantic world. This book is the first to analyze these events through a comparative lens, revealing several central themes in the field of Atlantic history. From the murky position of the European empire between the Old and New Worlds to slavery and diaspora, Wim Klooster offers insights into the forces behind the many conflicts in the Atlantic world in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Digging deeply into the structural causes and oppressive environments in which these revolutions occurred, Klooster debunks the popular myth that the "people" rebelled against a small ruling elite, arguing instead that the revolutions were civil wars in which all classes fought on both sides. The book reveals the extent to which mechanisms of popular mobilization were visible in the revolutions. For example, although Blacks and Indians often played an important role in the success of the revolutions, they were never compensated once new regimes rose to power.

Nor was democracy a goal or product of these revolutions, which usually spawned authoritarian polities.

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The new edition covers the latest historiographical trends in the study of the Atlantic world, including new research regarding the role of privateers. Drawing on fresh research - such as primary documents and extant secondary literature - Klooster ultimately concludes that the Enlightenment was the ideological inspiration for the Age of Revolutions, although not its cause. K55 Unknown. Description Book — pages : illustrations, charts ; 24 cm. A78 Unknown. Transnational Hispaniola : new directions in Haitian and Dominican studies []. Gainesville : University of Florida Press, [] Description Book — pages : maps ; 24 cm Summary This is an edited volume that seeks to elaborate new methodologies and forge new questions in research about Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

T73 Unknown. E85 J43 Available. American routes : racial palimpsests and the transformation of race []. Parham, Angel Adams, author. Domingue as training ground : color, class, and social life before Louisiana White St. Domingue refugees and White Creoles in nineteenth century Louisiana St.