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Originally from St. Film Scoring: The Waystation in the Stars dir. Brandon Morrissey , Monica's Mixing Bowl dir. Jesse Averna, prod. Stacey Weingarten and Monica Willey.

Dana is a graduate of The New School. Peter M. Hodgson Music Director hails from Sacramento California, and currently resides in New York City working as a writer and music director.

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In addition to music directing and writing, he is the creator and founder of Wildfire Music, an all in one music service company aimed at helping new productions develop their potential. Thanks for supporting new works! Also plays guitar for The Manimals on Facebook themanimalsband.

Jessie, you take my blues away. Thanks Stacey, Dana, and the BB creative team! In addition to his work in theatre, television and film, Jamen also composes for the Musical Theatre and has just completed his first full length show, Elise. Thank you to his wonderful team at DBA!

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Wholehearted thanks to Stacey Weingarten, his parents, and Carl Rajotte. The dragon he sent by the King, the anti-Christ if you will, to rain down destruction. When the Traveller arrives, he sees what is occurring and decides to bring the pterodactyl from the past through his machine "I've got dragons of my own. The Angels come to him, knowing he has saved the world by sacrificing his machine and allow him a wish.

His wish is to return to "that morning in May" in Morning in May where he goes with his wife that day so they can be together. Time travel is a very popular topic of science fiction novels, but what about music?

Miscalculations however, send the Traveler far off course and into an adventure spanning from the Dawn of Time to the Apocalypse. Confronted with unimaginable horrors, he longs only to return to that fateful morning in May, but ultimately finds himself faced with a terrible choice - between saving his wife and saving humanity. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment great song. General Comment Whee I'm going to see them on the first of March.

  1. El Tratado de la Desesperacion (Spanish Edition).
  2. The Broken Bride.
  3. NYMF Debuts LUDO’s Broken Bride Tonight | Playbill.
  4. LUDO's Broken Bride!

I can't waait, this is my favorite song. I'm from St.

Toronto Interval House: The Broken Bride case study

Louis, too. General Comment brilliant summary Laito. You hit the nail right on the head. General Comment I'd never really heard much of Ludo. Maybe about one or two of their songs. I was a bit iffy as I hadn't heard much of them, but I bought it because it was so cheap. Well I wasn't disappointed. The lyrics portray great imagery and are also really very poetic. I agree with Laito21, this is probably the best album ever written.

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Ludo - Love Me Dead

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