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After studying theater studies and music, he lived and worked in New Orleans, Detroit, New York, and Ann Arbor, making a name for himself as a nightclub pianist, at bluegrass jams and punk circus parades, as well as with directing and acting. Kahn today lives and works in Berlin. Kabbalah is a band from Marseille with musicians from the most various musical and cultural backgrounds.

When Hannah Arendt Barbara Sukowa enters the courtroom in Jerusalem in to report on the trial against the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann for the renowned The New Yorker , she expects meeting a monster. Instead, she experiences a nobody. This contradiction is something that strongly preoccupies Hannah Arendt. The responses are devastating. Hannah Arendt is ostracized, met with hostility and loses lifelong friends. She is hit hard by the incomprehension of her friends, less by the smear campaigns launched by numerous media.

Yet she consistently sticks to her stance, fighting and avoiding no disputes when themes such as totalitarianism and power that are so important to her are at issue. Tal Sterngast artist and filmmaker, Berlin and Manfred Hermes freelance author, Berlin talk about Jewish revenge after the Shoah based on film examples. When talk is of revenge after the Shoah, questions of law, justice, resistance, and retribution are also always raised.

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How have filmmakers treated this topic since the end of the Second World War? Can cinematographic images themselves unfold a moment of vengeance? Between and it was one of the largest DP camps in the American occupation zone with around 5, inhabitants. The piece was also on view on the grounds of the synagogue and was awarded one of the most important German radio play prizes. Glass objects are arranged on a table, everyday things such as different tumblers, bowls, bulbs, vases, acrylic packages, CD covers etc.

The objects are illuminated by a slide projector that turns them into an abstract urban landscape. At the same time, configurations of spectral colors alternate on the surface of the table between the glass objects. The slides running through the rotating projector create a specific rhythm. Around two thirds of the slide frames are empty and function as a pure source of light illuminating the glass objects and the projection of the city.

Her work is fed into the slowly rotating projection and fragmented and refracted by the glass objects. The poem is read in German and, in a phonetic adaptation, also in Hebrew and Arabic and is embedded in a composition produced from the sounds of a glass harmonium. In iconographic respect, this depiction is reminiscent of those of patron saints of a city. The place of longing, Thebes, a mythical projection from the Oriental-biblical past, imagines the model of a future community.

Religions, spaces, times, genders, and ethnicities are transcended in the location of Thebes and the figure of Jussuf. Basic geometrical shapes, square palace and circular arc temple are combined as modules to form the Oriental city of Thebes.


She uses everyday materials, such as metal foils, forms, envelopes, postcards, and perforated, lines, squared and cut pages for collages. Even her drawings are cut and reassembled. Against this anti-Semitic background, many Jewish intellectuals and artists begin looking to the Orient and romanticizing—like many of their non-Jewish colleagues as well—the supposed authenticity of Far eastern and African art and culture.

This attitude is embedded in the zeitgeist: In the wake of national colonial policies around the turn of the 19 th to the 20 th century, objects of everyday use and cult objects are exhibited in ethnological museums and even people in the anthropological displays at fairs. Stereotype of exotic peoples are constructed in popular culture cinema, cabaret, circus, costume festivals, popular literature. The film Ellis Island by the filmmaker, choreographer and avant-garde musician Meredith Monk kicks off the event: Imaginary shtetl cultures on their path to oblivion in the United States and Europe, contemporary avant-garde film and folklore.

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The protagonists of migration from East to West after told their stories and opened up perspectives on the themes of memory, contemporary Jewishness and homeland. A further frame is the film Saut ma ville by the Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman from A lonesome young woman in a high-rise on the outskirts of the city. She comes home. She cooks, polishes her shoes, makes a mess, cleans up. Finally, she tapes the door and window cracks and turns on the gas tap.

Setting No. Party Place: Scheune. Exhibition Place: Kunsthaus.

European Kunsthalle @ chambre d’amis

In any event, I think that in Stuttgart there were people, although all of them great, of far too diverse backgrounds in order to come to terms about what actually is it that we should discuss. I think that the Eastern Europe background is no longer so valid. Now it is either the "art world" or the "e-world", the power games or the critical art practices, the galleries, museums and all that "white cube" aesthetics or, as they say, the new "context" of the Net.

The unfortunate thing is that even the Net is already a power game. I still think that there is a need to talk but there is no common language outside of either Art, or Politics, or Economy, or the Net, etc. And the common language I am thinking about should somehow envelope all these.

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  7. Or we should just talk about very specific things - such as gender issues, for instance, or "opposition in the East", etc So, misunderstandings now come from the context s which individuals prefer to operate in rather than from the EE vs. WE and USA issues and experiences. And I don't necessarily think that for an artist coming from EE the choice of a career is such a bad thing. Sofia, Bulgaria, December Curriculum Vitae. One Person Exhibitions:.

    Polish Scene

    Group Exhibitions:. Auf Granitplatten sind die Namen von Mauertoten genannt. This installation of trees, memorial stones, original parts of the border fortifications, pictures, and text was created by various artists. The names of victims of the Wall are inscribed on slabs of granite. Finally, in the four corner Pendentives, the artist illustrated some episodes of the miraculous salvation of the people of Israel. Das Werk galt als eines der gelungensten von Gentile da Fabriano, dessen Signatur zusammen mit der Datierung auf Mai in einer nicht erhaltenen Inschrift auftauchte.

    The work was considered one of the best among those painted by Gentile da Fabriano, whose signature appeared together with the date May in a lost text. It is therefore one of the last paintings done by the artist who died just two years later in Rome. Dietkirchener Hof Heimbachhaus www. In the lobby, the theater hosts annually changing exhibitions by local and national artists. Paris www. Bunny Suicides www. On entering into the Vatican Museums you will be immersed in the glory of Art and of Culture put in the service of Faith. Frauenhandel und Zwangsprostitution www.

    Women artists As an artist artiste a woman receives a residence permit, if she can provide evidence of a contract of employment usually as a dancer with a night club. Trade in women and forced prostitution Frauenhandel und Zwangsprostitution www. Um ihre soziale Lage zu verbessern, geraten vor allem auch immer mehr Frauen aus Osteuropa ungewollt in die Prostitution.

    Also in such cases as legally immigrated non German women the risk of sexual exploitation, according to statistics, is quite high.

    Underground Publishing in the Last Decade of East Germany | post

    As domestic labour, as wife or artiste there is the danger of being forced into prostitution by threats of deportation by the husband or employer. In order to improve their social situation more and more women especially from eastern Europe, fall unintentionally into prostitution. Unlike other Swedish ballet companies who felt themselves committed exclusively to the classical ballet repertoire, Birgit Cullberg strove in her numerous choreographies to unite the classical repertoire with the stylistic techniques of modern free dance.

    This symbiosis of dance on points and free dance, which today largely determines the aesthetics of the international ballet scene, originated in the imaginativeness of this exceptional artiste. Her psychologically realistic full-length ballets, which often gave well-known ballets a new, more modern story line, have remained influential to this day. Alle warten gespannt …. The object of this fulsome praise is Yuja Wang, a young artiste from China.

    Everyone waits expectantly … blog. Erst durch SING! Only through Sing! Inge, Sing is it possible to discover a great German artiste. Press Notice www. Here, Dinter humorously works through his experiences as a young father, the transformation of the Berlin metropolis and the difficult working conditions of a free-lance artist.

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    4. His realistic, almost photographic style lends an authenticity to locations and people that allows Tim Dinter to convey everyday situations from a certain distanced perspective. Dirigent Die Wirklichkeit: www. The entry has been added to your favourites. You are not signed in. Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function.

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